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Emerging from Adelaide’s rich songwriting scene, soul roots trio WANDERERS have cemented their place within the local industry for their captivating live show and musicianship that has translated effortlessly from record to stage. While debut EP Goddamn Anything established them as a band to watch, it’s 2017 and new EP ‘Something For A Distraction’ that is set to bring WANDERERS to a larger audience.


With much of 2016 spent on the road, the bands tightness from many hours spent travelling the country and playing shows of all sizes, this trio has refined their sound and it shows in the release ‘(SFAD) a six-track collection of earnest, infectious, blues-flecked jams that entice the listener from the outset, from lilting opener Loco to the downtempo strut of pseudo-gospel closer Mary Jane and everywhere in-between.’ – and latest single Loco is a 'A breezy blues-rock number that steadily builds into a raunchy, soulful jam'.


‘…what followed was Wanderers’ trademark symphony of moods- the shredding of guitar riffs, dreamy harmonies, funky bass and a general feeling of nostalgia.’ – This is Radelaide, Live Review


2017 has seen a continuation of the extensive touring, as a band that excels in the live space, it only made sense to hit the road for an extensive 2 month tour for the release of SFAD. Soon with new music, it won’t be long until the trio will be found back on the road with their distinct soulful roots and blues.

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